Hicks’ 10 Suggestions For Lent

John Mark Hicks provides these ten suggestions for Lent (check out his website, it is a wonderful resource for the spiritual life!): Give up Starbucks Coffee or caffeine (including Cokes, Pepsis, etc.) and save the money you would have spent in order to give to some charity. Make a commitment that when you feel the […]

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Meant for More Than Just Us (Eph. 4:6)

Chris Altrock – February 7, 2010   While traveling recently to the Philippines, I was reminded of the human tendency to create boundaries.    For example, at the Memphis International Airport there is a clear boundary regarding where you can and cannot park.  You can park in long-term lots and short-term lots.  But you cannot […]

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Learning to Pray His Way #10: Light From Darkness

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We find Jesus’ longest prayer in John 17.  The prayer models many things for us.  It consists of 3 parts and 7 petitions. In part 1 Jesus prays for himself.  He offers 2 petitions, each a mirror of the other (John 17:1, 5): 1When Jesus had spoken these words, he lifted up his eyes to […]

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Learning to Pray His Way #9: The Three Moves of the Spiritual Life

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Henri Nouwen suggests three areas are the most critical in our spiritual lives and that they are the three areas which Jesus’ spiritual life point us toward.  Nouwen was a Dutch-born Catholic priest and author.  He taught at the University of Notre Dame, Yale University and Harvard University, and spent his life’s final season serving […]

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