Complaining: The Greatest Threat to Mission?

God’s mission statement from Gen. 12 has finally been put into action–a new nation has been released from bondage to Egypt and sent to be a blessing to all nations on earth (Ex. 15, 16, 17).  Having emerged from their baptism in the Red Sea, God’s people take their first steps in this exciting mission.  […]

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Is Prayer War?

In a recent post, Jeff Berryman urges us to consider whether “Prayer Warriors” is the best metaphor for those devoted to prayer.  His article will prod you to consider how you picture your own prayer life and how we might better envision the kind of prayer we hope to take place within our churches.

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Revolution: A New Spin on Turning People to Faith (Matt. 9:14-17) – Aug. 23, 2009

One recent morning I read these lines on a friend’s blog: “There are now 195,000,000 unchurched people in America. This makes America one of the four largest “unchurched” nations in the world…there is not a county in America that has a greater church population than it did 10 years ago.”[1] There is little doubt that […]

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Evaluating Evaluations

We traded in my Toyota Tacoma pick-up recently and purchased a new Corolla.  Our salesman took us aside after the sale: “You’ll get a survey emailed to you asking you to evaluate me on a scale of 1-5, 5 being excellent.  But the way Toyota works, if I don’t get a 5, I fail.  So, […]

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