What to do when you don’t like the table where you’re sitting

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  The book of Esther is a book about finish lines. From its opening lines to its closing credits, Esther is about endings. It’s a story that forces us to reexamine the way things wind up, especially when that finish for which we hoped is in hiding or that conclusion for which we dreamed remains […]

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Fearless: Present (Matt. 25:31-46) Chris Altrock – March 19, 2017

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A few weeks ago we sat in a restaurant in Shanghai with three Christians who worship in a house church. One of the Christians we’ll call Hank. Hank teaches mathematics. We asked him to tell us about his conversion to Christ. He said that it was one thing to believe in God. But it was […]

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Celebrating the Hide and Seek God

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  The story of Esther takes place during one of those disenchanted seasons of life which we all inevitably endure, often more than once. Those times when God labors in obscurity rather than notoriety. Those periods when God’s presence is hard to perceive and his schemes are difficult to spot. Yet it was nonetheless a […]

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How Brushing Your Teeth and Making Your Bed Can Make You More Like Christ–A Review of Tish Harrison Warren’s “Liturgy of the Ordinary”

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  Anglican priest Tish Harrison Warren believes that our daily practices are liturgies which form and shape our hearts. Whether we know it or not, whether we intend it or not, even the most mundane habits and routines of our day make us who we are. Just as a church may have liturgical practices on […]

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