Evangelism by Romance

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  It’s one thing for a church to choose Jesus’ stance for living in a dark world: Not “I’ll fight you.” Not “I’ll compromise with you.” Not “I’ll protect myself from you.” Not “I’ll withdraw from you.” But “I’ll die for you.” It’s an entirely riskier thing, however, for me as an individual to choose […]

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Going Memphis Kroger

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  I’m part of a panel of faith leaders in Memphis asked to respond to the recent beatings at a Memphis Kroger. Already the event has become so woven into American culture that a friend of a friend in another state recently referred to any act of senseless violence as “Going Memphis Kroger.” Here was […]

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Why Religion Will Never Win the World

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  Let’s imagine a multiple choice test. The question is this: “I will win the world by ________ it.” Here’s how the Jewish religious leaders of Jesus’ day answered the question: “fighting against” (Zealots); “compromising with” (Sadducees); “protecting myself from” (Pharisees); and “withdrawing from” (Essenes). What did Jesus put in the blank? Jesus chose none […]

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Circles and Rows: A Call For Corporate Worship (Psalm 95) Chris Altrock 9/7/14

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When I was a college student at New Mexico State University, I also worked as an intern in a campus ministry. One summer our campus minister had to leave town for a couple of weeks.  He left me in charge. Gave me the keys to his office. Told me to run the show. I loved […]

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