The Reinvention of Highland (Part 1)

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  John Eldredge writes, “Life unfolds like a drama…Each day has a beginning and an end. There are all sorts of characters, all sorts of settings. A year goes by like a chapter from a novel. Sometimes it seems like a tragedy. Sometimes like a comedy. Most of it feels like a soap opera. Whatever […]

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Jesus’ First Word: Today

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Into a religious world dominated with “Someday” thinking, Jesus preached “Today” thinking. Not that “Someday” thinking was unique to his world. It’s also a common theme in our world: For the students enrolled at a local non-profit organization in Memphis called HopeWorks, someday is the day when they will finally get and keep a full-time […]

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Monday Morning Faith: Making Work Matter (Gen. 1-3) September 28, 2014 Chris Altrock

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We’re very glad that you are here today. We know that “here” is just one of the many places you spend your time. That’s why we’re focusing the series that begins today on “Monday Morning Faith.” We want to equip you to live out your faith in all the places you spend time in, not […]

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The Two Things Too Many Churches Get Wrong

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  Two conversations recently reminded me of two of the most insidious vices hindering churches from fulfilling their potential. One had to do with schedule. The other had to do with scope. One conversation was with a colleague from another congregation. The staff at this church was convinced that a new ministry needed to be […]

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