Front Page: Why Work Matters (Est. 2:19) Chris Altrock – Oct. 16, 2016

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Bees There’s a lot more that goes on in someone’s work that you might guess. Take preaching. Last week my colleague Eric was rudely attacked by a rogue wasp while he was preaching in the late service. Repeatedly the wasp came at him. Like a miniature jet fighter honing in on a target it aimed […]

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The Spirituality of Dime Box vs Dallas

One year ago, as summer heat and humidity began to give way to fall coolness and colors, I spoke to a crowd at Harding University about Dime Box, TX. The story came from a book by William Least Heat-Moon entitled Blue Highways. It’s featured in my book Newsworthy from which my message came that morning in […]

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Go:901 Love Shows (Rom. 5:8) Chris Altrock – Sept. 11, 2016

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I Agree If you’ve ever bought a new app for your phone or updated software on our iPad or on your computer, or if you’ve ever signed up for a new loyalty card online, you’ve seen a lengthy legal terms of service agreement. Before you could proceed with the software update or the purchase of […]

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Why Christians Have Mastered Making Monsters of Others: A Book Review on “Reviving Old Scratch” by Richard Beck

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  “The trouble with the Devil,” writes Richard Beck in his introduction to Reviving Old Scratch,” is that we see him in the faces of those we hate, justifying our violence toward them. (xvi)” There are many problems that come with not believing in the Devil. This problem is the worst and it is a […]

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