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I write books to help you grow in your walk with God. I also offer group experiences that give you the chance to experience and apply the content of some of these books in community with others over a brief period of time. You can participate in these group experiences from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection and a phone.

Group Experiences

I use Eventbrite for scheduling and registration. I offer brief group experiences for NewsworthyTen Minute Transformation and Prayers from the Pit. Details and registration information can be found here.













Jesus doesn’t want you in heaven.
He needs you here on earth. Newsworthy: Nine Ways to Live the Good News Now confronts you with the daring mission of bringing the gospel to life. This book enables you to transform your community’s earthly here-and-now rather than focusing solely on its heavenly hereafter. The seven-fold gospel within it shapes you to not simply tell a story but to embody it in a culture filled with millions who want nothing to do with Christ or Christianity. It thus enables you to become such good news that even the most critical will go from thinking “we want nothing to do with you” to “we can’t live without you.” When the church recaptures the gospel in this way it truly becomes newsworthy.
With his new book, Chris Altrock will help you and your church:
Face peril and gain intimacy with those in your community rather than protecting yourself and being isolated from those in your community.
Recognize the ways in which God uses ordinary moments and means for extraordinary purposes.
Choose loving your community over fighting it, compromising with it, or withdrawing from it.
Take risks for great causes knowing that nothing can be broken by taking that risk that cannot be rebuilt by the resurrection.
Think compassionately and engage fruitfully in conversations about delicate issues such as racism, gender roles, and ageism.
  • In a time of unprecedented unease in our churches and disturbing questions about their validity and mission, Chris Altrock speaks a word of encouragement and gives solid advice for congregational leaders facing today’s secular world. I love his emphasis on solutions! Demanding, to be sure; but oh, so rewarding! Let Chris show you the real Jesus, and you will fall in love with Him all over again.” –Royce Money, Chancellor, Abilene Christian University
  • In a time when the church has an obvious PR problem, Altrock moves beyond obsessing on the bad news to offer us good news rooted in … The Good News. He clarifies what is good about the gospel and how that goodness can resonate in a culture that has lost hope for transcendent meaning. The gospel is not just a formula for how to go to heaven, but a living story with a logic and rhythm rooted in Jesus life-model and teaching than can transform life in practical ways now. If believers capture this truth, it will change everything.” –Dan Bouchelle, President, Missions Resource Network
  • Newsworthy is a helpful tool for Christians who want to move past a reduction of the gospel that is concerned only with going to heaven when I die. Building on the important work of writers like N. T. Wright and David Bosch, Altrock brings us back to the gospel which is good news and helps us imagine how the church can embody that story for the sake of the world.” –Mike Cope, Director of Ministry Outreach, Pepperdine University
Copies can be ordered at and Chalice Press.


Ten Minute Transformation

Listen on iTunes to a 2 hour overview of the book’s content given by Chris at the 2013 ACU Summit (here)

(Chalice Press-read Chapter 1 Free) (also at Amazon)

 ”We all want to be better. But, we often come up short — we don’t execute a plan, exercise persistence, or experience progress. Chris shows us a way — 10 minutes a day, 12 spiritual exercises. Anyone can do this– and grow spiritually!”

–John deSteiguer, president, Oklahoma Christian University

“A number of years ago Kenneth Blanchard wrote a series of books focusing on the One Minute Manager. My friend Chris Altrock captures the spirit of small change leading to profound impact in his Ten-Minute Transformation. Blanchard caused us to think about leadership and personal empowerment, but Altrock calls us to a closer walk with Christ. Just a few minutes a day on the way to a personal spiritual revolution. This book offers a roadmap for a profoundly important journey.”
–Andrew K. Benton, president, Pepperdine University

“Chris Altrock’s Ten-Minute Transformation is a much needed entry point into the practice of the spiritual disciplines. As a strong advocate for these practices, I have found that many believers panic at the thought of adding any additional activities to their lives, even if desperately needed. Chris offers a non-imposing invitation into the essential disciplines. We all have ten minutes available at various times during the day. This book is greatly needed, well written, accessible to all.”
–Earl Lavender, director of missional studies and professor, Hazelip School of Theology, Lipscomb University

“Chris Altrock’s Ten-Minute Transformation begins with a seemingly modest proposal: give God 10 minutes a day for 40 days. But in truth this book is anything but modest. With an accessible and engaging style, Altrock deftly guides the reader on a journey through a series of spiritual practices that will draw us closer to God and transform our relationships, our attitudes, and our outlook. The message is timeless and timely, written for a world that is too busy, too distracted, too anxious, and too noisy.”
–L. Timothy Perrin, president, Lubbock Christian University

Prayers From the Pit

Prayers from the Pit: What the Ten Prayers of Jesus Teach About Praying in Times of Pain (2010)

(21st Century Christian – read Chapter 1 free) (Amazon also)

Clear, down-to-earth, user-friendly and user-realistic, Altrock’s study of Jesus as a pray-er and of His prayers is unique in my experience. It is also as full of grace as it is of help and sound instruction. Phyllis Tickle, The Divine Hours

The Cross

The Cross: Saved by the Shame of it All (1998)

(Available through Amazon)

Mark A Call To Service

Mark: A Call to Service (2000)

(available at Amazon) (available at Leafwood Press)

Preaching to Pluralists

Preaching to Pluralists: How to Proclaim Christ in a Postmodern Age (2004)

(Chalice Press) (also available at Amazon)

“Chris Altrock understands well the postmodern mind and the postmodern age in which we live. He understands well what it will take to communicate the gospel to the postmoderns. But even more than what he understands, he articulates passion to reach the lost when very few American churches are doing so. Open your mind and open your heart as you read Preaching to Pluralists.”
—Thom S. Rainer, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

Rebuilding Relationships

Rebuilding Relationships: A Sermon on the Mount Floor Plan (2008)

(Chalice Press) (also available at Amazon)

“As any professional athlete will tell you, no matter how many years you play the game, you still have to work on the fundamentals of the sport. Likewise, no matter how many years we have been a Christian or read the Bible, we still have to work on the fundamentals of our faith—especially those presented by the Gospels in the Sermon on the Mount. As an excellent expositor of the Word, Chris Altrock weaves an awareness of the complexities of the text with many illustrations and the stories of real life in Rebuilding Relationships. He brings the Sermon on the Mount into our own homes to help us evaluate our priorities with the values of Christ. This book would certainly lead to valuable discussion and new insights in an adult Bible class.”
—Evertt W. Huffard, Dean, Harding School of Theology, Memphis, Tennessee