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Deciding How to Decide

“The Bible said it. I believe it. That settles it.” The pin I wore on my high school letter jacket carried these lines in the weeks after my baptism. To me, the Christian life seemed pretty simple. Read what the Bible says about any issue. Believe it. And that’s that. These days, it’s not so […]

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Where’s Your Wilderness?

  “the word of God came to John the son of Zechariah in the wilderness. ” (Luke 3:2 ESV) Isn’t that what many of us want–”the word of God?” Aren’t we yearning for God to give us direction when we face a delicate decision? For God to grant some soothing promise when it feels he […]

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Reflections from a Dad Taking a Daughter to College

  I parked my car in the garage last night.¬†And I cried. For years, that spot’s been reserved for my daughter Jordan. My car remains outside so hers can rest inside. Left-side garage is home for her blue Toyota Corolla. But no longer. Yesterday we took Jordan and her Corolla to college at Lipscomb University. […]

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Three Things God Delivers in the Darkness

  John Ortberg writes of a study which asked people to identify a time when they grew the most. We might think that people would select some bright and sunny moment from the past, some summit, some mountain-top experience. Instead, they chose just the opposite. Repeatedly people identified moments of suffering as times when they […]

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