Other Summaries of God’s Story

Besides Getting Your Story Straight, below you’ll find some additional summaries of God’s Story and how our own stories make the most sense in light of Scripture’s story:

“Echoing the Story: Living the Art of Listening”

My friend Brady Bryce has written a wonderful book which unfolds the drama and narrative of the Bible in a compelling and understandable way.  He’s what inspired “The Story We Find Ourselves In” below.  Check out Brady’s book here.

“The Story of Redemption”

James Nored has produced a very nice set of online PDF’s called “The Story of Redemption.”  You can view them here.

“The Story We Find Ourselves In”

This series of spiritual conversations leads you and a friend from Genesis through Revelation, seeing the whole big picture and “big story” of God.  Click on the images below for a PDF of the conversations and a guide for using them:


 “The Main Thing”

This is a series of topical Bible studies I and others have used for several years to share an overview of the story of Jesus and its significance for our lives.  Click on the image below to see/print a PDF of the series:


“Big Story”

James Choung summarizes Scripture with his “Big Story.”  James uses four circles written on a napkin to describe the Story and show why that Story matters today.

1.      Christianity Today interview with Choung in which he describes his summary and its importance.

2.      Part 1 and Part 2 of a video (3 minutes  each) in which Choung presents his summary of the “Big Story” on paper and then answers questions people might ask.

3.      Here is James’ summary in book form (True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In) and booklet form (Based on a True Story).

“Reverse the Curse”

John Mark Hicks summarizes the Story using a “curse” theme in 8 brief articles.

Reverse the Curse 1

Reverse the Curse 2: The Beginning

Reverse the Curse 3: Israel

Reverse the Curse 4: The Ministry of Jesus (Matthew)

Reverse the Curse 5: The Ministry of Jesus (Luke)

Reverse the Curse 6: The Early Church (Acts)

Reverse the Curse 7: The Early Church (Paul)

Reverse the Curse 8: Consummation (Revelation)

“Theodrama in Five Acts”

John Mark Hicks provides this 5-part summary of Scripture in one article.


John Mark Hicks summarizes the Story of Scripture as presence in this article.

  ”The Sycamore Series”

This spiritual conversation tool is developed by the great folks at Let’s Start Talking and published by Leafwood Press.  Each booklet is designed to help you share a portion of the story of Jesus with an irreligious friend in a 1 on 1 or small group setting.