Go: Encircled (Acts 18:1-11 ) Chris Altrock & Lawana Maxwell – 4/19/15

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Chris Tyler Edwards is the author of a book called Zombie Church. He warns that too many churches are like zombies – undead; not truly alive; consuming everything and contributing nothing. The cure for zombie churches, he proposes, is love. You’ve got to restart the heart. At one point he realized his own church was […]

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Uncommon: Reading Wrong (Luke 14:1-6 ESV) Chris Altrock – 4/12/15

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I recall one year when I was a student at Harding School of Theology. The school hosted an annual seminar on a biblical topic. That particular year the topic was “grace, faith and works.” The seminar focused on the tension between Scriptures that talk about being saved by grace through faith—saved by nothing that we […]

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The Teenager Who Saved My Life

  Thirty-one years ago today a teenager named Gary Cox led me to faith in Christ in Cloudcroft, NM. In 1995 I published an article about Gary in 21st Century Christian Magazine. The article described three simple things Gary did to lead me to faith. They are three things any Christian can do. You’ll find […]

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China is the Next Big Thing (Myths About China)

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  Members of the Highland China Missions Team recently spent two weeks in three cities in China: Beijing, Qingdao and Wuhan. We visited church leaders and Christians in house-churches, Three Self Patriotic Churches (the government approved church) and in other types of Christian churches. In this series I explore how the trip shattered myths I […]

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