Why Highland is Headed to China

    In a few days I join seven others from Highland on a survey trip to China. We leave early on Monday, March 2 and return in the evening on March 13. This trip finds its roots in “The Next Big Thing,” a time of prayer and dreaming which Highlanders engaged in during the […]

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ISIS, Cancer, War and Ashes

  Today is Ash Wednesday. Millions will literally mark the day with ashes. What began in the early church as a 40 hour fast in preparation for baptism has transformed into 40 days of prayer, fasting and contemplation. This year it comes at a particularly dark time: The ISIS beheading of 21 Christians. Friends in Ukraine […]

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Flux: New Heart (Jer. 31:31-34) Chris Altrock – 2/15/15

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There was once a couple who had been married for 60 years [David Daniels, Preaching Today]. Throughout their life they had shared everything. They loved each other deeply. They had not kept any secrets from one another, except for a small shoebox that the wife kept in the top shelf of her closet. When they […]

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Book Review of Scot McKnight’s “Kingdom Conspiracy”

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           I met Jerry on a Sunday afternoon in the oldest neighborhood in Fort Worth, TX. He and I had gathered with a small group for Sunday dinner at the home of Steve and Lindsay. Steve preached at a nearby congregation. He and his family of five practiced a ministry of presence in […]

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