The Truth About Life: Your Calendar’s Most Frequently Recurring Event (Rev. 1:4-8) Chris Altrock – 5/17/15

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The movie and book The Time Traveler’s Wife tell the story of a man whose greatest challenge is his calendar. The man, Henry DeTamble, was born with a genetic disorder. This disorder causes Henry to time-travel. Usually during times of stress, Henry will disappear and then reappear, for example, five years into the future, or, […]

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Missing Mary’s Eyes (John 12 & 20) Chris Altrock – 5/10/15

  Here is a recurring event in the Altrock household: Let’s say that it’s Saturday afternoon. I’m hungry. I want a snack. So, I walk over to our pantry. I open the door and I look inside. I’m looking for one particular snack. I’m drooling for the bright red box of Chips Ahoy Chewy Chocolate […]

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The Reinvention of Highland (Pepperdine Presentation)

Below you’ll find the text and slides from my 5/6/15 Pepperdine Bible Lectures presentation on “Reinventing Highland: How an 80 year old Memphis Church Lost 600 Members But Found Its Soul.” SLIDES (PDF):   TEXT: The Reinvention of Highland: How an 80 Year Old Memphis Church Lost 600 Members But Found Its Soul   A […]

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Go: Encircled (Acts 18:1-11 ) Chris Altrock & Lawana Maxwell – 4/19/15

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Chris Tyler Edwards is the author of a book called Zombie Church. He warns that too many churches are like zombies – undead; not truly alive; consuming everything and contributing nothing. The cure for zombie churches, he proposes, is love. You’ve got to restart the heart. At one point he realized his own church was […]

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