Less Activity, More Passivity

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How do we face the future? What do we do now knowing that Jesus is coming back? The Bible calls for two things: We face the future waiting and praying. First, we face the future waiting. John Ortberg writes about two tombstones. One marks the resting place of Mel Blanc. He was the voice behind many of […]

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Facing the Future With Hope

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Many may wrongly think that the Bible, like popular literature, portrays a fearful future. It does not. The Bible portrays a hopeful future. Like dystopian literature, the Bible’s future is one in which the old world collapses and a new world rises. But unlike dystopian literature, that new world is not unbelievably worse than the old. […]

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What Jesus (and you) Can’t Do

  When I was a teenager, I spent summers at my mom’s house in Las Cruces, NM. Mom and my step-dad paid for a summer membership to a local country club for a couple of those summers. My brother and I would spend hours swimming and relaxing with some of the rich and famous in […]

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The Terror of Heaven’s Tomorrowland

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      What will the future be like? Thankfully, we are not left to authors, academics or to our own anxieties when it comes to imagining our future. Jesus and his followers spoke a great deal about the future. We call the biblical study of the future “eschatology.” Eschatology comes from the Greek word eschaton which […]

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